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Train, Bus, or Taxi? Taking Public Transportation from Ueno to Tokyo Station

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Wondering whether to take a train, bus, or taxi to your destination? This article will introduce public transportation routes from Ueno to Tokyo Station according to your budget, time allowance, and destination.

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Train, Bus, or Taxi? Taking Public Transportation from Ueno to Tokyo Station

Ueno is a must-visit destination in Tokyo. There are several popular tourist destinations, such as Ueno Zoo, Ameyoko Shopping Street, and many reasonably priced hotels. If you're planning to visit cities outside of Tokyo, Tokyo Station is a hub that offers countless routes to reach destinations outside the metropolis.

We've compiled a list of public transportion methods to arrive at Tokyo Station from Ueno. Each is categorized according to purpose, budget, and time.

1. By Train

Train, Bus, or Taxi? Taking Public Transportation from Ueno to Tokyo Station

First, let's take a look at JR Ueno Station. We'll introduce how to reach Tokyo Station from here. Taking the JR Line will save you both time and money. Additionally, there are three different lines, so you won't have to wait long for a train to arrive.

Line: Keihin Tohoku Line Outbound Train
Time: Around 8 minutes
Fee: 160 yen
Note: This train operates through Tokyo and is recognizable by its light blue stripe on the vehicle.

Line: Yamanote Line Towards Tokyo Direction (Outbound)
Time: 8 minutes
Fee: 160 yen
Note: The line circles around central Tokyo. The trains are recognizable by its green logo and line.

Line: Ueno Tokyo Line (Tokyo Bound)
Time: 5 minutes
Fee: 160 yen
Note: The line opened for service in 2015 and directly connects Ueno and Tokyo Station. The trains have orange and green lines on them.

2. By Bus

Train, Bus, or Taxi? Taking Public Transportation from Ueno to Tokyo Station

You can take a bus that departs from a stop near Keisei Ueno Station to the Marunouchi North Exit of Tokyo Station. The bus takes more time and money than the train. However, you can experience the city's atmosphere and observe people going about their daily lives. Please note that the bus from Ueno to Tokyo Station only operates on the weekend, so consider this when planning your trip.

Line: Toei Bus S-1
Boarding Point: Ueno Park Yamashita (Close to Keisei Ueno Station)
Departure Point: Tokyo Station Manunouchi North Exit
Time: Around 18 minutes
Fee: 210 yen
Note: The bus only operates few times on the weekend. Please check the timetable before your trip.
Timetable: Toei Bus Timetable
Bus Stop: Bus Stop Map

Official Website: Toei Transportation

3. By Taxi

Train, Bus, or Taxi? Taking Public Transportation from Ueno to Tokyo Station

We recommend using a taxi to move around for those traveling with multiple luggage or who aren't feeling well. Although taxis are considered expensive, they are relatively affordable given the short distance between Tokyo and Ueno.

Time: 15 minutes
Fee: Around 1,600 yen
Taxi Stand: In front of JR Ueno Station and the station's Asakusa Exit.
Map of JR Ueno Station (Japanese)
Keisei Ueno Station is located behind the coin locker area adjacent to the ticket gates.
Map of Keisei Ueno Station (Japanese)
Note: There is a 20% increase added to the late night fare (22:00-5:00)

In Conclusion

There are many ways to arrive at Tokyo Station from Ueno. Take into consideration the different fares, travel time, and boarding locations to choose a route that suits your travel needs.

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