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Disney Summer Festival 2017 -  Enjoy A Festival At Tokyo Disneyland!

Disney Summer Festival 2017 - Enjoy A Festival At Tokyo Disneyland!

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The Disney Summer Festival, themed after a Japanese festival, is being held from July 11th (Tuesday) until August 31st (Thursday) at Tokyo Disneyland. Let’s check out the highlights, limited-time foods, and merchandise only available during this period!

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by misaki

When one thinks of a Japanese summer, when all is said and done, festivals are a must. Summer festivals are held in every region of Japan and Tokyo Disneyland is no exception. The Disney Summer Festival 2017, themed after a Japanese summer festival, is currently being held from July 11th (Tuesday) to August 31st (Thursday), 2017.

What kind of festival can you experience this summer through the spell cast on you by Tokyo Disneyland!?

Let’s Experience the Summer Festival Atmosphere with Food!

Disney Summer Festival

When you walk to the World Bazaar, you will find a yagura at its center. A yagura is a building made of wood that is stacked up high. During a festival, musical performances from drums and flutes or singing will take place on top of the yagura which acts as a stage.

Mickey Mouse stands on top of the yagura beating a drum and surrounding him are the brooms that appear in the Disney movie "Fantasia". Let’s take a commemorative photo here first! It’s also completely fine to stop by on the way back, too!

Disney Summer Festival

In front of Cinderella Castle, Donald Duck and Goofy pose while beating a Japanese drum; it’s also a great photo location. How about taking a picture while posing as if you were beating a drum?

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