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MUJI GINZA and Japan’s first MUJI HOTEL GINZA opened in April 2019. Experience the MUJI world with MUJI Diner, a bakery, bento lunches, stationery, fashion, and travel goods. Don’t miss out shopping for Ginza-limited merchandise and seeing this unique spot.

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MUJI is a brand known all over the world. MUJI Ginza, the brand's world flagship store, opened April 4, 2019. Visitors can enjoy eating Japanese food, shopping, and also a stay at Japan’s first MUJI HOTEL GINZA. In this article, we’ll explore the floors and take a look at what to expect during a stay or visit!

The World’s Largest MUJI Store Opens in Ginza


Picture courtesy of Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.

MUJI GINZA is designed to be like a park you could stop by anytime, with the concept of connecting people and communities together. The store embodies this idea very well.

The products sold here are practical and easily adaptable to anyone's daily lifestyle. Even the layout of the shopping floors and product displays have been created with special care.

The popular MUJI HOTEL GINZA has relaxing guest rooms that make you feel at home while having a luxurious, elegant atmosphere. High-quality MUJI products are supplied in each room. Visitors can experience the fun of shopping and everyday routines at MUJI Ginza.

Introduction to the Floors of MUJI GINZA

MUJI Ginza has a total of ten floors. B1F to the sixth floor is for shopping and the guest rooms of MUJI HOTEL GINZA are on the seventh to tenth floors.

Floor Products, Facilities
6F MUJI HOTEL Lounge, Japanese Restaurant WA
5F Electronics, cleaning supplies
4F Children’s apparel, kitchen table supplies
3F Stationery, travel goods
2F Apparel, shoes
1F Food, bakery, blended tea workshop
B1F MUJI Diner, food

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular floors.

B1F: MUJI Diner

MUJI Diner

Picture courtesy of Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.

B1F is where the restaurant MUJI Diner is. The restaurant brings out the true taste in the ingredients by using seasonal foods and simple cooking techniques. The restaurant serves a nutritious breakfast from 7:30 to 11:00. Pictured above is the rice ball and warm miso soup set. They also have other menu items in the morning to recharge your energy.

*MUJI Diner is open until 22:00.

1F: Food, Bakery, and Blended Tea Workshop


The first floor has many fruits and vegetables you can sample, a bakery, juice stand, and a blended tea workshop. The vegetables on display add a bright and refreshing accent.

無印銀座 鐵盒禮盒伴手禮

The tin bento boxes surprisingly contain small condiments like soy sauce and yuzu salt that will conjure up images of Japan. You can use these boxes for picnics or to give as gifts.

The food-themed floor is filled with things to see. We’ll go into detail about this floor later in this article.

2F: Fashion, Shoes, and Bags


The second floor sells men and women’s fashion, shoes, and bags. MUJI Labo, apparel for all people, regardless of age or gender, can also be purchased on this floor!

3F: Socks, Stationery, and Travel Goods


The third floor sells socks, stationery, and MUJI to GO goods, which are for travel. Visitors can also buy Ginza-limited products on this floor.


The stationery display will also catch your attention. The products are thoughtfully sorted and beautiful in appearance. It’ll make you want to try the products for yourself.


You can stamp your purchased paper products, like notebooks or diaries, with various designed stamps for free. This allows you to make one-of-a-kind stationery!

Must-Buy for Fans! Ginza-Limited Items

Carry-On Bags (3F)

MUJI GINZA limited edition items

This carry-on bag (35L: 14,900 yen with tax / 62L: 19,900 yen with tax), a semi-transparent suitcase with double wheels, has a design that stands out from other luggage. You can freely adjust the height of the handle and its wheels are light and move smoothly.

This is the most recommended product out of all the limited-edition items at the Ginza location. There is a fixed supply, so be sure to check it out when you visit.

Water-Resistant Sneakers in Special Colors (2F)

Water-resistant MUJI sneakers

These sneakers are made with a water-resistant fabric. The sneakers undergo a special process that makes it difficult to feel fatigued, even when walking long distances. In addition to other hues, you can now obtain these sneakers in an unbleached color at the Ginza store, similar to a milk tea-color.

Select Embroidery Threads at the Design Studio (4F)

Select Embroidery Threads in the Design Studio

At the Design Studio, an area where you can embroider fabric product purchases, is a selection of embroidery threads inspired by the colors of famous structures in and around Ginza.

These include Tokyo Station Brick, Kabuki-za Purple, and Tsukiji Hongwanji Blue Green. You can incorporate the Ginza atmosphere into your shopping with embroidery.

A Food Themed MUJI

Until now, Café&Meal MUJI was opened so that customers could eat at MUJI. The Ginza flagship store strengthens the connection between food and people further. The food in front of you at MUJI expresses this food culture.


The produce guests can sample are seasonal fruits and vegetables delivered directly from farms daily. The fruit here, often enjoyed as a dessert by those working in the neighborhood, supply nutrients necessary for daily life.


The daily bento boxes introduce different ingredients of various regions and contain no MSG. There are also microwaves installed in-store so you can heat up and enjoy your meal.


Bread lined up in rows can be seen from a large window in the store. The delicious bakery smells wafts in starting from 7:30, making you want to take a walk in Ginza with bread and coffee.

Blended Tea Workshop MUJI GINZA

At the Blended Tea Workshop, a specialist will create a special tea for you from 32 types of tea leaves. Blends are made according to when you want to drink tea. The tea will be different depending on if you want to enjoy it while relaxing, before bed, or during a meal. They also ask about your favorite type of tea and your favorite fragrance to create a tea that you’ll love.

High-Quality and Special Care in Ginza

MUJI Ginza

MUJI Ginza also puts effort into protecting the environment. Returnable eco bags are used as the store’s shopping bags. There are two different sizes which both cost 150 yen. This eco bag can be returned to any MUJI store in Japan. When you do so, your 150 yen will be repaid. Of course, you can also keep it to use on your next shopping trip.

MUJI Ginza

There are a nursing room and other baby care rooms on the fourth floor, which carries children's goods. You can enjoy your shopping at ease even with your child.



MUJI HOTEL GINZA has a total of 79 guest rooms and nine different types of rooms. All rooms use MUJI mattresses developed from research on sleeping postures. Additionally, rooms have fluffy towels, furniture emitting soft light, and other items. You will feel like you're relaxing in your own home even during a trip.


The chair, desk, tableware, small electronics, and other furnishings in the room can all be purchased on the MUJI sales floor. You can pick up some items you like for your own home here.


Picture courtesy of Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.

The tatami mat rooms are relatively small in size, but they don’t feel cramped. Rooms also have properly secured storage spaces.

Explore and Feel at Home at MUJI GINZA

The MUJI brand concept of community and connection is embodied throughout the entire MUJI Ginza store and lodging. This is a store that places emphasis on every detail, pleasing customers, and helping the environment.

Visit once to experience something truly special in Ginza!

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