Beppu Hot Springs in Ginza?! The Oita Specialty Shop Onsenza

Beppu Hot Springs in Ginza?! The Oita Specialty Shop Onsenza

Tokyo 2017.03.16

The Oita Specialty Shop Onsenza in Ginza is a shop where you can experience the best of Oita, including hot spring products straight from Beppu, while still in Tokyo.

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Eriko Mikami

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Oita Specialty Shop, Onsenza: Full of Hot Spring Goodness

Oita prefecture located in the Kyushu area is a famous place known for their hot springs. It is also the number one place in Japan with natural hot springs. Frequently referred to as Oita, the hot spring prefecture, it is home to famous hot spring towns like Beppu and Yufuin.

For more details on touring around Oita, please check out MATCHA's Oita Special Feature.

Inside Onsenza

The Oita Specialty Shop, Onsenza in Ginza is an antenna shop (a tourism and local specialty spot) filled with the best of Oita, all the while being in Tokyo. Aside from being able to purchase local products of Oita, you will even be able to experience the charms of the hot springs of Oita here too.

Enjoy Products From Beppu Hot Springs in Ginza

Hot spring goods are highly recommended of course. At Oita Specialty Shop, Onsenza you can find many products related to the Beppu hot springs. Let us introduce you to some of the more popular items in the shop.

Hot springs beauty products

A bath salt called Aruji no Hitousen was created using the waters of Oita's Beppu hot springs. By melting the bath salt in your tub, you can enjoy a similar quality of water like that at Beppu hot springs right at home.

Hot springs beauty products

Beauty products using the hot springs as the main ingredient will allow you to feel the effects of the Oita hot springs. Not only do they help you recover from fatigue, but the hot springs can help your skin's condition as well.

Jigoku mushi tamago

You can also purchase the Jigoku Mushi Tamago (Hell steamed egg) made using the steam generated by the hot springs. The shop imports the springs water from Beppu in order to make the steam for the eggs. Here, you will be able to taste the authentic flavor of the eggs which can be typically experienced only in Beppu.

Unlike standard boiled eggs, the Jigoku Mushi Tamago smell like the hot springs when you remove the egg shell. The egg is also steamed instantly in hot water, so the flavors are kept inside, producing a bolder tasting egg.

Stay Dry! Experience the Beppu Hot Springs at the Foot Bath

Onsenza's foot bath

At the Oita Specialty Shop Onsenza, there is a footbath you can enjoy for free. Three to four people can join the bath at once so groups are more than welcome. During off-peak times on weekdays and in the mornings, you can comfortably bathe for around 10-15 minutes.

Onsenza's foot bath

At the foot bath, there were plastic socks so you can bathe while wearing socks and stockings on.

When you actually stick your feet in the water, it only takes a few minutes until it becomes so warm you'll be sweating. The hot springs help the flow of blood and relieve swelling. It is a perfect place to take a break while traveling.

Onsenza's Kabosu ice cream

The kabosu citrus is a local product in Oita. In Japan, it is frequently savored with grilled fish and sashimi. In fact, 90% of kabosu citrus distributed in Japan are produced in Oita. At the Oita Specialty Shop Onsenza, you can find many kabosu citrus products.

This time we tried the kabosu citrus soft serve ice cream. It had the distinctive tartness of the citrus while having a nice sweetness.

Experience the Charm of the Hot Spring Region in Tokyo

Onseza's shop outside

Aside from the Oita Specialty Shop Onsenza, you can find out more about the hot spring prefecture at Asakusa's Marugoto Nippon. Why not experience Japan while relaxing in a foot bath during your visit to Ginza, Asakusa and other great tourist spots?

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