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TORAYA CAFÉ AN STAND Shinjuku - Taste A Brand New Red Bean Sweet!

TORAYA CAFÉ AN STAND Shinjuku - Taste A Brand New Red Bean Sweet!

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Mikako Utsunomiya

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TORAYA CAFÉ AN STAND was created by the established wagashi shop Toraya. Located on NEWoMan 2F, the shop has a menu where you can taste red bean in new ways with the shop-limited red bean roll and drinks that express the seasons.

A Moment of Bliss at AN STAND Shinjuku Tasting an All-New Red Bean Sweet

Photo courtesy of: Toraya Confectionery Co., Ltd.

TORAYA CAFÉ is a café where you can enjoy all-new wagashi (Japanese sweets) made using red bean paste from Toraya, an established Japanese confectionery shop that boasts approximately 500 years of history. This article will cover TORAYA CAFÉ AN STAND located on the second floor of NEWoMan which is directly connected to JR Shinjuku Station.

This is a café where you can easily try sweets and drinks made from red bean paste. The café is also complete with takeout products so that customers can find the perfect souvenir too.

Red Bean Roll & Red Bean Matcha Au Lait in Shinjuku!

Red Bean Roll & Matcha Au Lait

A popular menu item is the Red Bean Roll (432 yen plus tax) which can only be enjoyed at their Shinjuku location. Red bean paste and cream cheese is spread inside a specially made roll for this menu item.

The red bean paste and cream cheese has a thick texture and an enjoyable moderate sweetness that matches perfectly well together. This is an item that is also recommended for overseas visitors that are trying red bean paste for the first time.

The Red Bean Matcha Au Lait (648 yen plus tax) is a drink made using Uji matcha green tea and white bean paste. According to staff, the best way to drink it is to “drink in two parts.

First, let’s enjoy the fragrance of the matcha green tea, the slight red bean paste flavor, and the smooth taste of the overall drink by taking a sip before mixing it. Then, mix the red bean paste that has collected at the bottom with the rest of the drink. By doing this, you will be able to taste the strong red bean paste flavor.

The drink is sold hot during the winter and iced in the summer (648 yen plus tax).

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