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Staying At A Traditional Japanese Home In Village Maruyama, Sasayama

Staying At A Traditional Japanese Home In Village Maruyama, Sasayama

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by chia

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Sasayama, Hyogo is where Japan’s traditional culture and lifestyle thrives. Several traditional Japanese homes in Village Maruyama have been renovated into lodging houses. We’ll introduce how you can experience it yourself!

Village Maruyama : A 160 Year Old Agricultural Village

Maruyama Village

In an area surrounded by lush mountains and located about fifteen minutes by car from central Sasayama, Hyogo, is where you can find traditional Japanese houses.

Maruyama Village

Maruyama, located in Sasayama, is a historical agricultural village with nine old and traditional Japanese houses that have over 150 years of history. Village Maruyama is a lodging facility that was remodeled from two of these homes. There are residents that continue to live in the other homes even now and all of them manage lodging houses.

“We Want Visitors to Experience the Fun of Village Life”

Maruyama Village: A 160 Year Old Agricultural Village

The former lifestyle from over 150 years ago still remains in Village Maruyama. In spite of the rapidly changing times, the village has always remained unchanged.

Maruyama Village: A 160 Year Old Agricultural Village

Village Maruyama was created from desires such as “wanting visitors to experience simple beauty.”

The lodging houses are filled with the feelings of “not only being a ‘home to stay in’ during a journey, but also a desire to have visitors experience the fun in the lives of the people that live in this village.

There are two lodging houses: Akari and Honoho. We will introduce Akari in this article.

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