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5 Discount Tickets: Go From Haneda Airport To Tokyo And Save!

5 Discount Tickets: Go From Haneda Airport To Tokyo And Save!

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Written by Miho Moriya

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One concern our visitors to Japan have is the high cost of transportation! In today's article, we'd like to help alleviate this problem by introducing five discount tickets that offer savings on trains and subways when going from Haneda Airport to Tokyo.

2. Tokyo Travel Pass (1 Day/2 Day): Good For Next Day Sightseeing As Well


Photo courtesy of: Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd

This pass includes a one-way ticket for the Keikyu Line going from Haneda Airport's Domestic Terminal Station and International Terminal Station to Shinagawa Station, and also a ticket for unlimited rides on all of the Toei Subway Lines. There's a one-day and two-day pass available.

For those thinking of doing two days of Tokyo sightseeing from the time of arrival, we recommend the two-day pass.

One of the added benefits of this pass is CHIKA TOKA, a service in which discount coupons are available at various places along the train and subway routes.

To enjoy these benefits all you have to do is show your ticket (while still in use) at the facility you're visiting. To find out which places offer these discounts and special prices, please refer to CHIKA TOKU's official homepage

Some of the places situated along the Toei Subway Lines include: Tsukiji, often called the world's number one fish market; Shimbashi, a transportation hub for Japanese business people; and Tokyo Tower, the city's symbol. You can also go to Asakusa, Ueno, and Tokyo SKYTREE.

You can also receive admission discounts at Hama-Rikyu Gardens and Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu Gardens, so by all means have a look at CHIKA TOKU before you start your sightseeing.

Our Recommended Sightseeing Plan Using This Pass


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Now we'll introduce a possible sightseeing plan using a one-day pass.

For those planning on sightseeing in the Tsuji area, we also highly recommend the Park Hotel Tokyo, where you can spend the night in an art gallery-like environment (see photo above).

To get to the Park Hotel Tokyo, first board the Keikyu Line at Haneda Airport's International Terminal Station and go as far as Daimon Station. At Daimon Station, transfer to the Toei Oedo Subway Line and get off at Shiodome Station (530 yen).

If you take the subway from Shiodome Station to Tsukiji Shijo Station (180 yen), you'll be able to sample some fresh, delicious sushi. Hama-Rikyu Gardens which offers a discounted admission price, is also within walking distance, so by all means go for a visit.

Also, just two stations from Tsukiji Shijo Station is Tsukishima Station (180 yen), famous for its street featuring many monjayaki shops.
How about stopping in at one of these shops for dinner, or even just a tasty snack?


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If you go from Tsukishima Station to Daimon Station and transfer to the Toei Asakusa Subway Line, this will take you as far as Higashi Ginza Station (220 yen).

Just a stone's throw away from here is the famous Kabukiza Theater, where you can take in a live performance of kabuki, one of Japan's traditional arts.

To return to your hotel at the end of the day, take the subway from Higashi Ginza Station back to Shiodome Station (180 yen).

If you do this sightseeing plan using regular tickets, the total transportation fare comes to 1290 yen. But if you use the one-day pass, it'll be only 800 yen, a savings of 490 yen!

The Tokyo Travel pass will take you to Tokyo SKYTREE in the east, and in the direction of Shinjuku in the west.

For those planning on doing sightseeing the following day as well, purchasing a Tokyo Travel two-day pass will also offer you some savings. However, please note that with this pass you won't be able to ride trains on the Tokyo Metro Subway system.

Ticket Prices and Ticket Purchase Locations

Sales Locations:From Keikyu Line ticket machines at Keikyu Line/Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station, Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, and at seventeen airports across the country.

Prices: One-Day pass-Adults 800 yen, Children 400 yen. Two-Day pass-Adults 1200 yen, Children 600 yen.
Valid Period: One-Day pass-For one day on the day it was purchased. Two-Day pass-For two days from the day it was purchased.
Official Homepage: Tokyo Travel 1 Day / 2 Day Pass

3. Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket: For Going Directly to Your Destination


Photo courtesy of: Tokyo Monorail Co., Ltd.

This is a ticket that includes the Tokyo Monorail and also gives unlimited rides for all stations along the Yamanote Line. By taking advantage of this ticket, you can save anywhere from 130 to 250 yen over conventional tickets.

There are various stations along the Yamanote Line route, including Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Tokyo Station, just to name a few. We also need to mention that if you get off at Nippori Station, you can see a beautiful sunset from Yanaka Ginza, a nearby shotengai (shopping street).

This is a good ticket for visitors staying at a hotel located along the Yamanote Line, and for those who don't plan on doing any sightseeing on the day of their arrival.

This ticket goes on sale only on Saturdays and Sundays, and on specially designated days that are listed on the official homepage.

Please note that this is a one-way ticket that can only be used once, and users won't be able to disembark from the train part-way along the route.

Ticket Prices and Ticket Purchase Locations

Sales Locations: From ticket dispensing machines at Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, Haneda Airport Building Terminal One, and Haneda Airport Building Terminal Two.
Prices: Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen
Official Homepage: Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket

4. Monorail and Odaiba Waku Waku Ticket: Good for Odaiba Sightseeing the Day You Arrive in Tokyo!

This ticket includes the Tokyo Monorail and gives you access to all stations along the Rinkai Line route. This ticket will be available only until March 31st, 2018. It will give you a savings of 200 yen over conventional tickets.

Also, just by showing your Rinkai Line ticket, you can receive additional discounts and other benefits at such places as Venus Fort, Miraikan, and Oedo Onsen Monogatari.
For further details on these discounts, please refer to the pamphlet found in stations along the Rinkai route.

This is a convenient ticket for those who have plans to return to their home country after doing some Odaiba sightseeing.

Ticket Prices and Ticket Purchase Locations

Sales Locations:At manned ticket gate windows in Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (2F), Haneda Airport Terminal One, Haneda Airport Terminal Two, and also at Tokyo Teleport Station.

Prices: Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen.
Valid Period: For one day on the day the ticket was purchased.
Official Homepage: (Japanese)

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5. Limousine and Subway Pass

There's also a discount ticket for visitors using the limousine bus from Haneda Airport. It's called the Limousine and Subway Pass, and offers users unlimited rides on all four of the Toei Subway Lines.

For unlimited subway riding privileges, choose from three types: twenty-four hour, forty-eight hour, and seventy-two hour tickets.

For further information on the Limousine and Subway Pass please refer to the following article, Bus Or Train? Going From Haneda Airport To Major Stations In Tokyo.

Ticket Prices and Ticket Purchase Locations

Ticket prices and purchase locations vary depending on the type of ticket, so be sure to check the official homepage beforehand.

Navigate Tokyo Like An Expert With These Discount Tickets!

Tokyo is a city where every station is jam packed with interesting attractions and fun things to do.

By using our recommended discount tickets, you'll be able to save on your transportation costs, even leaving you with some much welcomed cash at the end of your sightseeing trip!

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