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5 Must-Try Vegan Parfaits And Ice Cream In Tokyo

Vegan ice cream and desserts in Tokyo are rare, but a few restaurants and cafes offer plant-based options deliciously satisfying for all. This article showcases five convenient spots for those with a sweet tooth, offering everything from matcha parfaits to Japanese gelato and creamy ice cream.


Decadent and Healthy - Vegan Ice Cream and Parfaits in Tokyo

vegan ice cream in tokyo

Upper-left: parfait from wired bonbon; lower-left: gelato from Premarche Gelateria; upper-right: Kippy's COCO CREAM selections; lower-right: Strawberry de Bonbon (picture courtesy of wired bonbon).
Ice cream, gelato, parfaits, and frozen treats friendly to vegans are rare to find in Japan, but there are a handful of options in Tokyo. These desserts will satisfy not only vegan diners but all craving something sweet and refreshing.

This article introduces five stores offering frozen sweets with vegan-friendly options in Tokyo in Shinjuku, close to Shibuya, and near Tokyo Station. Delicious, nutritious, and a little bit indulgent, these chilled treats make a great choice on a hot summer day or any time of the year.

1. Wired Bonbon, Shinjuku - Playful Vegan Desserts and Parfaits

vegan parfaits in tokyo

Picture courtesy of wired bonbon (see Decadent Vegan Parfaits In Tokyo - Indulge In Sweets At Wired Bonbon)
wired bonbon is a cafe in Shinjuku with a completely vegan dessert menu of decadent and picture-perfect sweets. You can choose from a long list of sweets, ranging from inventive cotton-candy and ice cream creations (above) to crepes.

This is one of the few locations in Japan that serves ice cream parfaits that even vegan and vegetarian diners can enjoy. The parfaits are very delicious, full of flavor and just the right amount of sweetness.

vegan matcha parfait

Pictured above is the matcha azuki flavored parfait, containing a blend of delicious traditional flavors. The parfait is typical Japanese-style, with a dollop of rich whipped soy cream and ice cream layered with matcha, azuki, mochi, and fruit. Crispy layers of brown rice flakes add a satisfying crunch.

You can also choose other parfait flavors, such as hojicha (roasted green tea) azuki, and berry.

Be sure to stop here after a day of shopping or exploring the Shinjuku area. It is located right next to Shinjuku Station, inside of the Lumine. wired bonbon has an English menu and some vegan-friendly options for meals; there is also free WiFi at the cafe.

2. Super ice Creamery, Shibuya and Ginza - Blue Soft Serve, Shakes, and Gelato

vegan ice cream

Super ice Creamery is a vegan-friendly brand of frozen desserts with locations in Shibuya and Ginza. Churning up a vivid blue-hued, almond-based soft serve ice cream, picturesque shakes, and brightly-colored gelato, these delicious desserts are a feast for the eyes, too. The soft serve is creamy and light, making it an ideal refreshment on a hot day.

vegan ice cream shakes

Picture courtesy of Super ice Creamery
Seasonal options, like parfaits and special flavors, come out regularly. Pictured above are the shakes, which come topped with fresh fruit, with a layer of coconut yogurt and vegan-friendly ice cream. These decadent, satisfying desserts have just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess.

There are two locations to get Super ice Creamery's sweets: FLUNKY PARLOR, close to Shibuya Station, and the first floor of the Ginza LOFT, inside the store's LOFT FOODLAB, a food shop and cafe. Be sure to stop by for some picture-perfect, delicious treats.

3. Premarche Gelateria, Nakameguro - 18 Flavors of Rich Vegan Gelato

premarche gelateria

Vegan matcha and ume and Okinawa roasted soybean gelato. Picture from Premarche Gelateria Nakameguro - 40 Flavors Of Delicious Frozen Treats
Premarche Gelateria in the trendy Nakameguro neighborhood near Shibuya is an Italian-style gelato parlor. Of the 40 flavors and varieties of gelato, around 18 are completely vegan, with flavors like matcha, black sesame, tofu, and pistachio.

The taste of each is simply delicious, with a great balance of creaminess and flavor; due to this, the gelateria welcomes many repeat customers. The shop has also received international recognition from competitions for its high-quality gelato.

premarche gelateria

Picture from Premarche Gelateria Nakameguro - 40 Flavors Of Delicious Frozen Treats
With so many dairy, non-dairy, and vegan-friendly options in Japanese-inspired and classic gelato flavors, this is an ideal spot to enjoy scoops of some of the best-tasting frozen treats in Tokyo with friends.

Premarche Gelateria is around a 3-minute walk from Nakameguro Station and is close to the scenic Meguro River. There is an English menu as well as English-speaking staff at the shop, making it accessible to international guests.

4. Kippy's COCO CREAM, Sendagaya - Enjoy Coconut-Base Ice Cream

Kippy's Coco Cream

Picture from Kippy's COCO CREAM - Healthy And Delicious Ice Cream For Everyone!

Located just a short walk away from Harajuku is Kippy's COCO CREAM, an ice cream parlor carrying a couple of vegan flavors. The choices here are all coconut cream-based, resulting in smooth and flavorful ice cream.

Ice cream at Kippy's is made with high-quality, United States-certified organic ingredients, and customers can choose nutritious toppings like goji berries and pecans.

kippy's coco cream

Picture from Kippy's COCO CREAM - Healthy And Delicious Ice Cream For Everyone!
Honey is used in several of the ice creams as sweetener, but some vegan-friendly choices are coffee date and vanilla date (pictured above; please note that the selection and number of vegan options varies by season). The choices are written in English and the staff can understand basic English, so be sure to ask if you have any questions about the selections.

David Otto Juice, a juice shop, is located in the same space as Kippy's, so you can also stop here for an energizing drink as well.

Sendagaya is a quieter neighborhood than Harajuku, making it an ideal place for a walk and sweets after experiencing Takeshita Street and Meiji Shrine.

5. Soranoiro NIPPON, Tokyo Station - Ice Cream after Ramen

soranoiro nippon vegan ice cream

Soranoiro NIPPON, located on Tokyo Station's Ramen Street, is a popular ramen shop with vegan options, filled with nutritious ingredients. There is also a small cup of vegan soft serve ice cream on the menu.

Pictured above is a vanilla-flavored ice cream, covered with a light berry sauce and pumpkin seeds. It is light but flavorful and makes a delicious ending for ramen. Please note that the selection and flavor may change by season.

Soranoiro NIPPON is very convenient and traveler-friendly, as the restaurant has free WiFi and English support available. Stop by before or after you ride the Shinkansen or train.

Mouthwatering Sweets in Tokyo that Everyone Can Enjoy

Veganism and vegetarianism can create many challenges for those in Japan, but Tokyo has a handful of excellent options when it comes to frozen desserts. From gelato to elaborate parfaits, these four shops offer delicious, healthy sweets that will satisfy the tastebuds of all.

This is a rewritten version of an article originally published in 2014. Original writer: Amika Moriyama

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.